Welcome to BlockchainMail

A fully decentralized blockchain-based mail client that frees you from the shackles of data-laundering mailservers like Gmail and Hotmail.


1. Download the client.
2. Double-click on Install to install the blockchain. The blockchain will be installed on a virtual machine, so your OS won't be touched. Once installation is done, instructions will appear on how to gain access to the (currently private) blockchain. Right-click the file and hit Open to circumvent the verification error.
3. Double-click on Initiate to mine the genesis block and/or begin mining.
4. Double-click on Connect to connect your node to the blockchain and receive a public-private key pair.
5. Double-click on Start to run the client. Clear instructions on how to send and read emails are provided in the client.
6. If you want to uninstall the client, double-click Uninstall.
Only works on Mac OS right now.

-- Vojta